Poison Girl by Christian Dior Perfume Review - I am not a girl, I am poison!

1:51:00 PM

Christior Dior introduces Poison Girl perfume, a new addition to the Poison Collection, In January 2016. It is a sweet, feminine and youthful floral fragrance consciously created and explicitly advertised for younger fans of the famous brand. They will become the new generation of Poison wearers. The poster girl for the perfume campaign is Camille Rowe, which tag line is "I am not a girl, I am poison."

Dior's Poison Girl combines expensive raw ingredients such as Sicilian bitter orange, May rose from Grasse, Damascus Rose, Venezuelan tonka bean, sandalwood from Sri Lanka, tolu balm, and almond and vanilla to make it outrageously luscious with an oriental sweetness warmth.

The perfumer behind this new Poison version is Francois Demachy.

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