Armani Code Cologne for Men Review

7:12:00 PM

Let's face it! Nowadays men have more perfume choices than ever before. 
What used to be a women's accessory has now become a man explosive desire for smelling as good as women... I have found myself wondering why my husband became infatuated with new fragrances, such as Armani Code. The answer was very simple: "I like to smell good and be remembered by it, and this perfume smells great"...Well, to say the least, I did not find myself very disappointed after smelling this fragrance on him. This fragrance is a classic oriental formula, a fragrance that I truly love indeed; a very sophisticated, sexy, and masculine fragrance for an elegant and seductive type of man. It opens with sparkling and fresh citrus lemon notes mixed with a hint of bergamot. It follows notes of olive blossom flowers, anise, and a mixing off tobacco. Also Tonka bean, heliotrope, processed fine leather, and rare woods such as guaiacum wood (a wild South American tree). Let's talk a little about its package. This box is a clear reflection of man's mind: simple and uncomplicated by all means. However, it's not a reflection of what you find inside this bottle. As I have said before, this is a very classic oriental fragrance which reminds me of those tough spy movies my father used to watch when I was a child. It's very probable my father used oriental fragrances at the time. Scents play a great part in our memory. In closing, I must admit my husband has actually found a very good scent. Armani Code is a very complex fragrance that is praised for being subtle, understated, and magnetic. This is a nice fragrance year round and particularly appealing in cooler months.

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