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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Calgon Take me Away Mmmmm! Marshmallow body mist & body lotion

Today, I will be reviewing Calgon Marshmallow fragrance; both body lotion, and body mist by Calgon. First, Calgon has been in business for decades now and has proven to be one of the best sellers of bath products around the world. I do have my favorites, which are Pear Caramel, Cotton candy and Vanilla Swirl. Today I want to review Calgon Marshmallow, because I still consider it a very yummy candy scent. It smells so good you would want to bite the bottle and wear it all day long. When I first spray it on my skin I can smell a clear musk scent that becomes a sweet vanilla and some sort of spiciness that is rarely noticed at first, but it lingers there for a while. My brother, who knows nothing about fragrance notes, says it has a strawberry smell. It can be, of course, its’ very yummy and strawberry is a very yummy fruit. This is a very vanilla musky marshmallow powdery-sugary scent that makes people ask you what you have on. This morning I have opened several candy bags, including those marshmallow bags purchased at Publix trying to help myself recognize the ingredients of the marshmallow mist. I don’t think this fragrance is a reproduction of the marshmallow (candy) scent, but a mix of sugary components such as honey (beeswax), vanilla, and a hint of spicy cinnamon that barely anyone can detect, but I do. It’s a very warm vanilla/ozone winter fireplace type fragrance. Wired, Ahh! Most fans use it to feel balmy, innocent, clean, and cozy. Now, I would like to talk about the reason why Calgon Marshmallow is popular as a body scent and why people are so eager to try smell-like-food fragrances. It’s simply as going back in time, were perfumers depended solely on natural ingredients and the machines that nowadays create and mix the new fragrances didn’t exist. Natural ingredients, everyday components found in spices, sugar, beeswax, flowers, and trees were converted in essential oils, extracts, etc and then mixed to prepare the perfect perfume for royalty. Nowadays, we find synthetic ingredients created at labs all around the world, together with natural ingredients, of course. Perfumers have created in those labs a larger range of scents and combine them perfectly with one another. The same process is made in food labs were different ingredients are combined to create the perfect candy or food to sale them to eager consumers who wants to try new flavors constantly. Calgon Marshmallow is the perfect example of food-perfume transition, being the fact that nose and mouth work together. It’s very probable you wouldn’t eat something that didn’t smell good and not attract you. Would you? Most people love sugary foods, as well as spicy and citrus ingredients. It’s a matter of association and memory. What food smells do you feel more attracted to? Find out and you will discover a new you and perhaps it will help you find the perfect scent for your nose and your PH. Therefore, just as flowers please some scent lovers does the sweet smell of certain foods. The introduction of sugary scents in the perfume market is the consequence of our love for sweet fruits and sugars. Calgon Marshmallow Body Mist is an indulgent and irresistible scent, as sweet and flirtatious as an innocent youngster. It lingers in your skin and last longer than other body mist. It leaves a musky sugary smell after you wash your hands. Calgon Marshmallow Body Lotion is an irresistible and rich body smoothing lotion that is enriched with Vitamin E and skin-soothing Aloe. I love the body lotion more than the body mist because this lotion absorbs very fast (in just microseconds) leaving my skin very soft, but the decision is up to the consumer. Now, I have said before, I love Vanilla Swirl, Pear Caramel, and Cotton Candy even more than Marshmallow. You are welcome to make a comment.

Thanks for reading my review. I hope you enjoy it!

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