Maja Plum Blossom Perfume Review - Flor de Ciruelo - A Sensual, Lovely and Fresh Fragrance

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Born in 1918 in Spain, Maja is undoubtedly one of the most recognized Spanish perfume brands around the world. Maja has maintained its essence generation after generation in over 26 countries.

In 2014, Maja introduced its new fragrance: Maja Plum Blossom perfume, of oriental origin, which combines floral and fruit notes highlighting the beauty, strength and vitality of the plum blossom. Created for a younger audience, Maja Plum Blossom represents the sensual, dynamic, lovely and fresh woman.

As Armando Bonilla, director of Grisi products marketing, said: "Maja is a pioneering brand that is always in search of new sensations and is now showing a renewed and totally different, full of energy and with a new attitude side." Maja has been gradually leaving the serious image that has remained unchanged in the market for almost a hundred years. Maria Morales, Maja International Brand Manager, explained that this is a completely new and totally different fragrance. it separate itself from the original Maja Classic Fragrance. "It's a very fruity very fresh fragrance, aimed at young women"

Maja's fragrances are extracted from the most beautiful flowers, creating sensory experiences that emphasize femininity. This new Plum Blossom fragrance is not the exception. We can perceive notes of sweet vanilla and caramel as top notes, and then middle notes of jasmine and violet without forgetting the plum as an active ingredient, and base notes of blackberries and red fruits.

The new Maja Plum Blossom Collection includes:

• Scented Luxury Soaps in different versions (gift box set of three soaps, included in gift sets, and individual soaps): They provide a relaxing feeling while bathing, keeping the skin scented with the delicious smell of Plum Blossom, which is an antioxidant that adds shine and luminosity to the skin.

• Scented Body Lotion: Enriched with almond oil and vitamin E. Revitalizes the skin keeping it deeply hydrated throughout the day. Special for extra dry skin.

• Body Fragrance Mist: Its fresh aroma can be applied whenever you want to feel delicate and sexy at the same time.

The face of the new campaign is Giovanna Romo, a TV Azteca actress and model.

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