Tiaré de Tahiti - A sensational journey through the Earth - by Monotheme Fine Fragrances Venezia

7:31:00 PM

Oh, my..... orchids, orchids, orchids....my favorites! This fragrance is absolutely delicious. You should try it if you love Sweet flowery scents as much as I do.

Tiaré de Tahiti was launched as part of an Earth Fragrance Collection in 2012 by Monotheme Fine Fragrances Venezia.

In this fragrance you will find floral hints of cocoa, almond, vanilla, and orchid, gently yet vibrantly break forth, accompanied by the natural scent of the Tiaré flower.

A sensual and intriguing base imbues the fragrance with those emotions that are uniquely aroused by the island of Tahiti - Crystal-clear waters, multicolored fishes, wonderful flowers -the Monotheme Earth Collection has been described by Lorenzo Vidal as "A sensational journey through the Earth"

Available now at Abella's Beauty with an introductory price of $39.95. Retails for $48

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