Balenciaga Florabotanica - Perfume Review

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Florabotanica Perfume, Balenciaga's second fragrance, aim at a younger audience. It was released in 2012, and created by perfumers Olivier Polge and Jean-Christophe Herault under the auspice of perfume house Coty.

A beautiful advertising campaign was created for this fragrance, being Kristen Stewart the new face for this beautiful, dangerous, and rare flowery scent. Photos were taken by Steven Meisel.

A scent from the botanical gardens of Balenciaga Paris, Florabotanica infuses modernism and a futuristic vision reflected in the architectural lines and vivid colors presented in the bottle and packaging. Now, lets talk about the juice of the fragrance...the scent notes, of course!

At first, the top notes are citrusy with a hint of greens, but slowly turns into a more herbal-minty that stays for a short time until it settles into a modern blended-floral with main characters being rose and carnation, but in a subtle way, not overpowering. The mild drydown of musk and woods is crisp and mild, It is a clean and light floral-musky-powdery fragrance that is fresh and clean, and that is not as strong as our grandmother's favorite floral perfume. It is definitely a modern, rare, edgy, and 'botanical' pretty floral fragrance...for rose lovers. Some of our customers said it is a romantic fragrance, while others just say it is a bland floral perfume as many others in the market.

I like floral fragrances and I liked Florabotanica, but I don't love it. I love Hypnotic Poison, Cashmere Mist, Coco Mademoiselle, Stella, and Flowerbomb.

not just a pretty flower, but a pretty dangerous flower.” Balenciaga

Carnation, Wild Mint, Turkish Rose Essence, Hemp Leaves, Vetiver Roots, White Amber.

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