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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Mirta de Perales New Natural Oil Blend Hair Product Line - Argan, Coconut & Moringa for a soft, silky and shiny hair

When the Argan, Coconut and Moringa oils are combined their effectiveness is increased and produces immediate and long lasting results. These are the key ingredients in the NEW Natural Oil Blend products by Mirta de Perales, which are suitable for all hair types. The unique blend allows for faster, deeper and more thorough absorption that helps transform dry, rebellious hair into smooth, shiny and more manageable hair while helping to protect against environmental damage.
Argan: It is the most popular natural oil nowadays in the beauty industry, argan oil has been proven to make hair soft, silky, and shiny. Helps to reduce split-ends and frizziness.
Coconut: Its numerous benefits include moisturizing and repairing the hair while generating hair growth, and adding volume and shine.

Moringa: Helps retain hair hydration creating silky shiny hair. Moringa oil moisturizes the scalp to combat dandruff and rejuvenates the scalp making your hair stronger while avoiding split-ends.

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